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Scientific Storage Facilities

Corporation is committed to provide scientific storage facilities with entire satisfaction of our customer/depositors through regular treatment for preservation of stored stock.


Through door to door extension service scheme Corporation provides treatment for preservation of stock stored in the godowns of cultivators/traders/institutions on nominal charges.

Main Services

  • Complete inspection of depositors stock in our godown every 6 months.
  • Every 3 months physical verification of depositors stock in our godown.
  • Every 6 month of stock quality and quantity based a complete inspection in our godown.

Curative treatment

  • Premonsoon fumigation of entire stock in June month so that their stock insect free.
  • After premansoon fumigation, spraying stock with delta melathion.
  • Every 3 months regular fumigation of depositor stock.

Preflective treatment

  • Every 15 days spray stock with melathion.


Storage Charges

  • Every month stock bill prepare & online send to depositor.
  • Every month JVS stock bill prepare & online send to Consulting RM.
  • As soon as we get payment from Depositor then we release it to Godown Owner.