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M.P. Warehousing & Logistics Corporation is committed to provide Warehousing and Logistics Services of Global Standard through customer friendly, efficient and transparent system. We are also committed to provide reliable services to the customers. We strive to achieve high standard of services through continuous improvement with involvement of customers & employees.

Quality Measures

  • Assurance for quality
  • Pest free storage
  • Use of proper dunnage material
  • Measurement of Moisture content
  • Timely Prophylactic & Curative treatments
  • Standard stack height and proper stacking
  • Regular Sampling
    • At the time of deposit
    • At the time of delivery
    • Fortnightly inspection
  • Early claim and disputes settlement
  • Training of staff
  • Quality construction of godowns
  • Regular inspection and tri-monthly PV of stocks stored in godowns
  • Door-to-door DSS Scheme launched for pest killing
  • Fire security of stocks
  • Maintenance of good hygiene in godowns and premises
  • Foolproof security measurement (Watch and ward) for godown and premises
  • Environment friendly