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जिन गोदामों में लम्बे समय से स्कन्द रखा हुआ हैं और यदि किसी गोदाम से जल्दी निकासी की जा रही हैं तो आप इस सम्बन्ध में शिकायत उच्य स्तर पर आप अपनी WMS के Login में दी गई लिंक के माध्यम से भेज सकते हैं    ||   Online Choice Filling For JVS 2022-23 have started From 20/12/2021    ||   JVS Scheme Offer For 2022-23 will Start From 08/03/2022    ||   Online Inspection(PV/General) for Warehouse    ||   खरीफ सीजन 2022-23 हेतु नवीन JVS पालिसी के तहत गोदामों के ऑफर हेतु पालिसी

Madhya Pradesh Warehousing & Logistics Corporation

MPWLC is running warehouses for the scientific storage of agriculture and minors forest produce, seeds, manures, fertilizers, agricultural implements and notified commodities offered by individuals, co-operative societies and other institutions. Corporation is committed to provide scientific storage facilities with entire satisfaction of our customer.


MP Warehouse and Logistics Corporation (MPWLC) is one of the oldest State Warehousing Corporation in the country .It was started with 8 regional offices and has now grown up to the extent of 278 Branches as at present with total Godown 6779 & his total capacity of 2,28,64,200 and total utilized capacity 1,67,80,278.

MPWLC has own total Godown 1526 and his total capacity of 56,08,126 and total utilized capacity 29,65,496 private Godown 5253 and his total Capacity of 1,72,56,074 and total utilized capacity 1,38,14,782.

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